Team Internet Membership - 2004

The Team Internet home page, contains much more information on how to become a member of the coolest team on earth, its activities, and the benefits one gets from becoming a member. For full benefits, including the right to use Team Internet on USAC license applications, and the right to purchase club clothing,Please join Team Internet by sending $5 for annual dues or $50 for life dues to the club treasurer (you can use PayPal to [email protected]).
Since the beginning of 2000,  62 cycle fanatics have registered as members of Team Internet. Our goal for this year is to reach a total of at 100 members across the world, optimistic, but with your help we can do it! (2005 membership page)

Our members are located in the following countries:
Australia : 1
Canada : 5
France : 1
: 1
The Netherlands : 3
United Kingdom : 9
United States : 68
The remainder of this page contains an alphabetical list of the team internet members:

Colin Allen Bloomington, IN Road: Cat 3 Lifetime Member
Iain Allen Stouffville, Ont
Road: Masters 35+ Lifetime Member
Lynn Allen College Station,  TX Road: Cat 3 Lifetime Member
Willie Allen College Station,  TX Road: Cat 3 Lifetime Member
Richard Anderson Minneapolis, MN   2003
Dirk Annokkee Den Haag,  The Netherlands Road: Toer/Cyclosportief Lifetime Member
Paul Barrett Annapolis, MD Road:  Cat 5 2002
Simon Bartell Glen Cove, NY   2003
Terry Brown Sierra Vista, AZ Road:  Cat 3
Masters 55
NORBA Expert
USCF Sport Coach
Lifetime Member
Steven Bonisteel Kingston, Ont
Road: Masters 40+ Lifetime Member
Jeff Buddington Gresham, OR Road: Masters 45+ 2004
William Burrow Frebericton, NB
  Lifetime Member
Steven Butler Bryan, TX   2002
Craig Clark Reynoldsburg, OH Road: Cat 5 2003
John Consolati Toronta, On
Road: Masters Lifetime Member
Jeff Cozad Bettendorf,  IA Road:  Cat 3
Track: Cat 3
Official: Cat 3
Lifetime Member
Alyson Chapman Appleton, WI Road: Masters 2001
Michael Chritton Akron, OH Road:  Cat 3 2004
Jim DeCamp Lincoln, NE Road: Cat 4
Mtb: Intermed.
Lifetime Member
Chris Doelle Houston, TX Road:  Cat 4
Mtb: Intermediate
Lifetime Member
Erik Drukovskis Rockaway, NJ   Lifetime Member
Kenneth Dykema College Station, TX Road: Cat 5 Lifetime Member
Billy Edge College Station, Tx Road: Cat 3 Lifetime Member
Robert Baynton Eke Beaumaris, Vic Australia Road: Masters 2005
Edwin Fichtner Jeffersonville, IN Road: Cat 3 2005
Gene Flatt Valley Center, CA   2003
Kristen Gerhard Poway, CA   Lifetime Member
Elias John Green Houston, TX Road: Cat 5 2002
Stephen Gustitis Bryan,  TX   Lifetime Member
John-Matthew Hattaway Wellborn, Tx Road: Cat 5 2003
Michael Hiester Columbus, IN Road: Cat 5 Lifetime Member
John van Herwerden Voorburg,  The Netherlands Road:  Toer/Cyclosportief Lifetime Member
Andr van der Hoek Irvine, CA   Lifetime Member
Yuzo Kanomata Costa Mesa, CA Road:  Cat 5 Lifetime Member
William Keir Galion, OH   2002
Keith Klein Gevrey-Chambertin, France Road:  Cat 5 Lifetime Member
Brian Lafferty Longmeadow,  MA Road:  Cat 4 2005
Dan Macioce Jr. Los Angeles, CA Road:  Cat 5 Lifetime Member
Christopher Menzel College Station, TX Road: Masters 45+ Lifetime Member
M. David Minnigerode Austin, Tx Road: Cat 5 Lifetime Member
Kendard Mize Henderson,  NV   Lifetime Member
Matthew Moses Victoria, Mn Official: Cat 2
Road & Track Lifetime Member
Tim Van Mouwerik Kenmore, WA Road:  Cat 5 Lifetime Member
Adian Murphy Annapolis, MD Road: Cat 5 2002
denis nagan Minneapolis, MN Lifetime Member
Tony Wayne New Dallas, TX Road:  Masters 5 Lifetime Member
Jeffrey Nine Albuquerque, NM Road: Cat 5 2002
Hans van de Oever Wassenaar,  The Netherlands Road:  Toer/Cyclosportief Lifetime Member
Michael Orr Appleton, WI   2001
Martin Power Hamilton, VA Road: Cat 4 2002
Robert Pawlak Montross, VA Road: Cat 4 Lifetime Member
George Peavy Mesa, AZ Road: Cat 4
Official: Cat 3
Road and Track
Sylvain Perret Washington, PA   2001
Walter Piovesan Vancouver, Canada   2003
Juan Ramirez College Station, TX Road: Cat 5 2004
Rick Ray Lyons, CO Road: Masters Lifetime Member
Robert Rutzky Nashville, TN Road: Cat 5 2004
Bruce Ryhti San Jose, CA Road: Masters 3 Lifetime Member
Manual 'Manny' Samaniego Atlanta, GA   2001
James Saunders Germantown, MD Road: Cat 5 2005
Rainer Soika Upton, NY Road: Cat 3 Lifetime Member
Ron Spohn Getzville, NY Road: Cat 5 2003
Erich Staib Cary, NC Road: Masters 4 2005
Barry Stevenson Dallas, TX Road: Cat 5
Track: Cat 4
Richard Stickle Laurel, MD Road: Cat 5 Lifetime Member
Michael Taffe San Diego, CA   Lifetime Member
Eugene Tsuji New Rochelle, NY Road: Cat 4 2003
Charles Tryon Rochester, NY (weenie? ;-) 2003
Andrew Turco Somers, CT Road: 5 2005
Matthew Vukovich Brookings, SD Road: Cat 4 2003
Ferdie Wang Bethesda, MD Road:  Masters 35+ Lifetime Member
Mike Whitman Sterling, VA Track: Cat 3 Lifetime Member
           UK Membership List
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