We never have formally adopted a constitution but a while back, in response to many questions concerning what this team is, what it is about, and how it is organized, "we" (i.e., anyone interested enough to engage in the email discussion) decided that it was important to create some sort of document answering those types of questions. In effect, T@I needs a Constitution/Mission Statement, including a description of the "officer" positions (e.g., President) that need to be filled every year and the procedure for electing such officers. Here is that draft document.


Draft Mission Statement

Team@Internet is an Internet-based not-for-profit bicycle racing club which promotes the development of a global cycling community. The primary mission of T@I is to support its membership's participation in competitive bicycle racing at the amateur level.

Although not-for-profit, T@I will not eschew commercial interests or sponsorship. However, any such involvement must potentially benefit the entire membership on an equal and non-preferential basis.

As an organization with a global focus, grass-roots involvement with cycling issues by individual team members in their local cycling communities is highly encouraged. When such involvement transcends local or non-global interests, participation by the Team@Internet racing club may be appropriate.

In sum, the character of Team@Internet and its members is defined by the values of competition, community and goodwill. Team@Internet encourages and promotes safe competitive cycling in all countries and by all cyclists, regardless of race, creed, color, or nationality. 

Draft Constitution


The official name of this organization is Team Internet. "Team@Internet", "team@internet", "T@I", "t@i", and all variants thereof are names of Team Internet. This document is the mission statement and constitution for Team Internet.

T@I's mission includes:

  1. To provide members with affiliation with the national governing bodies for amateur bicycle racing in countries where the team is active. The home base of T@I is the United States of America, and T@I shall minimally be affiliated with the United States Cycling Federation (USCF) and the National Off Road Bicycling Association (NORBA).
  2. To promote participation in amateur bicycle racing by means of the internet, or other international computer networks.

T@I's organisation:

  1. A voting member of T@I is anyone who has paid the membership fee to the treasurer of T@I.
  2. Membership in T@I shall run from January 1 to December 31 of the calendar year in which the membership fee is paid.
  3. The membership fee is set at $5. It may be raised by changing this clause of the T@I constitution, requiring only a simple majority vote of the voting members.
  4. T@I's executive committee shall minimally consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Voting for these positions shall take place in September of each year, and the term of office shall be December 1 in the year of election to November 30 of the following year.
    1. The president shall oversee the running of the team.
    2. The vice-president shall be responsible for maintaining electronic communications between members.
    3. The secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of the activities of T@I and for producing a newsletter on the basis of such records.
    4. The treasurer shall be responsible for managing the team bank account and postal address, and for keeping the roster of voting members current.
  5. Other executive positions may be created by acclamation of the paid membership to amend this paragraph of the constitution. The following positions are part of the executive board of T@I:
    2. Canadian Cycling Association Representative
    3. Public Relations Officer
    4. Team Clothing
  6. A voting member of the team may nominate any voting member for any executive position. Nominations shall be by electronic mail to [email protected] by September 8th. In cases where only one nomination is received then the position shall be considered filled by acclamation.

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Last modified  Jan. 21, 1999