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July 17, 2005

Tour de 1/10th Update - Stage 15

George Hincapie wins his first ever Tour de France stage and does it in dramatic fashion! What a great way to end an excellent weekend of Tour stages. Lance further consolidates his lead and Georgie nabs a win... suh-weeet.

After my spending nine stages wearing yellow, I dropped to second today - a mere 48 seconds behind Lance. The torrential downpour was so heavy that it was hard to see so I stopped a bit short of my goal today. I figured with the rest day coming, I could make it up tomorrow.

The Rules:
1 - if I complete my mileage, I get the same time as the 10th place finisher.
2 - for every additional mile I ride, I get a 30 second time bonus.
3 - for every mile I come up short, I get a 1 minute time penalty.

After Stage 12... the top five are:

1. Lance Armstrong (USA/DIS) 62h09min 59sec
2. Chris Doelle (USA/T@I) at 0:48s
3. Ivan Basso (ITA/CSC) at 2:46
4. Michael Rasmussen (DEN/RAB) 3:09
5. Jan Ullrich (GER/MOB) 5:58

Here is a stage by stage listing of my ranking
Stage 1 - 1st
Stage 2 - 1st
Stage 3 - 1st
Stage 4 - 1st
Stage 5 - 1st
Stage 6 - 18th
Stage 7 - 41st
Stage 8 - 69th
Stage 9 - 10th
Stage 10 - 1st
Stage 11 - 10th
Stage 12 - 1st
Stage 13 - 1st
Stage 14 - 1st
Stage 15 - 2nd

Days in Yellow (9)

The cool news is that for the first time in nearly 10 months, I took out the road bike. It was pretty sweet. After 300+ miles on a mountain bike, the speed was great. It felt good to slice through the wind at 18mph... (hey, I figure if professional riders are FAST and they ride about 30-40mph... that makes me HALF-FAST!) (read it out loud quickly) haha

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