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July 15, 2005

Tour de 1/10th Update - Stage 12

This stage spread out the riders and Lance didn't come in with the main pack - this helps me to make up time. That combined with the extra mileage I put in has me in the lead once again. This time by a margin of 2:16.

The Rules:
1 - if I complete my mileage, I get the same time as the 10th place finisher.
2 - for every additional mile I ride, I get a 30 second time bonus.
3 - for every mile I come up short, I get a 1 minute time penalty.

After Stage 12... the top five are:

1. Chris Doelle (USA.T@I) 46h 28m 20s
2. Lance Armstrong (USA/DIS) at 2:16
3. Michael Rasmussen (DEN/RAB) 2:54
4. Christophe Moreau (FRA/C.A) 4:50
5. Ivan Basso (ITA/CSC) 4:56

Here is a stage by stage listing of my ranking
Stage 1 - 1st
Stage 2 - 1st
Stage 3 - 1st
Stage 4 - 1st
Stage 5 - 1st
Stage 6 - 18th
Stage 7 - 41st
Stage 8 - 69th
Stage 9 - 10th
Stage 10 - 1st
Stage 11 - 10th
Stage 12 - 1st

We have rain in the forecast for at least the next ten days so that might cut into riding time... but there should be some good windows for riding during the day. Also, the weekend will allow me more time to get in the extra miles and get ahead so that as the mountains start up again, I won't lose as much time as I did last week.

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