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July 10, 2005

Tour de 1/10th Update - Stage 9

The Tour de France rolls on and with the first real mountain stage came some major excitement. Jens Voight and Christoph Moreau passed up Lance, while Rasmussen pretty much lead from start to finish with his solo breakaway. Disappointing news from Team CSC as David Zabriskie abandoned today. He wore yellow in his first Tour de France after winning the initial stage, but after two pretty rough crashes, he couldn't go on.

The Tour de 1/10th also continues... after nine stages, I climbed up to the #10 spot. Being only 3m 58s behind the overall leader, I will easily be able to make up that deficit on the off day.

The Rules:
1 - if I complete my mileage, I get the same time as the 10th place finisher.
2 - for every additional mile I ride, I get a 30 second time bonus.
3 - for every mile I come up short, I get a 1 minute time penalty.

After nine stages... the top five are:

1. Jens Voigt (GER/CSC) 32h18min 23sec
2. Christophe Moreau (FRA/C.A) at 1:50
3. Lance Armstrong (USA/DIS) 2:18
4. Michael Rasmussen (DEN/RAB) 2:43
5. Alexander Vinokourov (KAZ/MOB) 3:20

10. Chris Doelle (USA/T@I) 3:58

Here is a stage by stage listing of my ranking
Stage 1 - 1st
Stage 2 - 1st
Stage 3 - 1st
Stage 4 - 1st
Stage 5 - 1st
Stage 6 - 18th
Stage 7 - 41st
Stage 8 - 69th
Stage 9 - 10th

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