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July 09, 2005

Tour de 1/10th Update - Stage 7

The Tour de 1/10th continues... after seven stages, I dropped from 18th to 69th, just ahead of Stuart O'Grady. I missed more miles again yesterday... but I feel confident I can make up a lot on their rest day.

The Rules:
1 - if I complete my mileage, I get the same time as the 10th place finisher.
2 - for every additional mile I ride, I get a 30 second time bonus.
3 - for every mile I come up short, I get a 1 minute time penalty.

After seven stages... the top five are:

1. Lance Armstrong (USA/DIS) 23hr 01min 56sec
2. George Hincapie (USA/DIS) at 0:55
3. Alexander Vinokourov (KAZ/MOB) 1:02
4. Jens Voigt (GER/CSC) 1:04
5. Bobby Julich (USA/CSC) 1:07

69. Chris Doelle (USA/T@I) 4:20

I have to go film a wedding and reception today so my riding will be late - hopefully though I can make up some of my deficit - but it isn't likely.

Tour notes: Stage 7 was marked by crashes... from the massive pileup caused by crossing wet railroad tracks at an angle, to the pavement-pounding crash caused by overzealous sprinters... it was a day for ripping shorts and bending metal. As always, Lance managed to be just feet away from the crashes.

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