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July 07, 2005

001 T@I Cycling Cast

Welcome to the first episode of the T@I Cycling Cast.

In the inaugural show we are simply making sure all the pieces have been put together correctly. We cover:

Tour de France update

My Tour de 1/10th

Discussion about the direction of the show

Expect the podcast page to develop slowly over time. I will be adding cycling related links and tweaking the appearance, but for the most part the layout will remain the same. Shoot me some feedback with your ideas/content for upcoming shows and let everyone know how the riding goes.

Thanks for listening.

Q. What is podcasting?
A. Podcasting is a way for Internet users to receive audio files and listen to them from a computer or load them onto an MP3 player.

Q. How does it work?
A. You'll need podcasting software to begin. Once you've downloaded the software, Copy the podcast link and add to your player. After that, your podcasting software will automatically download any new MP3s from t@i's cycle cast to your computer so you can load them onto your MP3 player.

To add a podcast in Apple iTunes:
Copy the podcast URL (http://team-internet.org/index.xml).
Select "Subscribe to Podcast" in the Advanced pull-down menu.
Paste in the podcast URL.

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