Photo Album

Please send in your photos with you and friends styling in the T@I jersey!

Chris Doelle looking happy 20 miles into the 2001 edition of the Hotter 'n Hell 100
David Cruzio wonders "Do you like my hat?" - well, David ... OK! - We like the hat ... but about the dress...
Mike Magatagan and Terry Brown both, amazingly enough, lost in exactly the same spot in the Arizona desert
Keith Klein with his French hardware.  (See mail list archives for story)
André van der Hoek standing by his bike, giving his pre-ride staredown.  (Walker Ranch - Boulder, CO)
André starting his descent.
André blasting through some water.
André falls out of tree with his bike, after scouting for new trails.
David Gill puking his guts out after a tough race.  Or is this pre-race?
Scott Spencer sets up for a corner at the Agee's Fall Fat Tire Ramble.
Terry Brown and his dog flying down some tank trails at Fort Huachuca.
Terry Brown on winner's podium, 3rd place at the Odyssey at Oracle.
Terry Brown at a triathalon. Getting ready for a swim?
Robert Jimenez in 3rd position rounding a tight corner.  (Salinas Criterium - Masters 35+ race)
Robert Jimenez (blue helmet) riding in the pack.  (Salinas Criterium - Senior 2/3 race)
Mike Whitman in the freezing cold with two American cycling greats; Greg Lemond & Lance Armstrong!
Terry Brown on winner's podium again, 2nd place in the Great Pumpkin Fat Tire Festival.
Terry Brown along with his roadie friends.  (Terrible Ride)
Scott Spencer in mid-air during a jump. (Tidewater MTB Challenge/
Terry Brown - Xmas 1999
Terry Brown - Carrera Grande, 4th place.
Colin Allen's adventures.
Hotter'n Hell Hundred, 1996 - Brain Fairless, Kevin Farmer, Mark Naylor, Colin Allen, Jim DeCamp
Jim DeCamp finishes on the podium at the NORBA Chevy Series Finals in Park City, Utah.
Team ride in Orange County, California: Kristen Gerhard, Yuzo Katonama, André van der Hoek, Colin & Lynn Allen.


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